Birds Cafe-Bar


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I feel obligated to blog about Birds Cafe/Bar. I frequent this spot in Franklin Village so much how could I not blog about it? I wouldn’t necessarily describe this place as the perfect date spot since the music is loud, it gets pretty packed on weekends and it might be hard to focus on your date with some chick trying/failing to hula hoop next to your table (me) , but if you are single and out and about in the Los Angeles dating scene, go here.  

The music is on point! Sure, I love learning about new artists and obscure songs, and occasionally (maybe once a month) I can listen to a Skrillex song, but when i’m out at a bar, I want top 40.  I want to listen to music that I can sing a long to. I want to listen to music that the whole entire bar can sing along to. I want to make out with a guy to a song I know and pretend like its a scene from some super lame chick flick. Also, if you love Ginuwine’s “Pony”, you wont regret going here unless maybe you dance on the poll to said song. Guilty. They play “Pony” every. single. friday. night and I love it.

My favorite part about Birds is  that on Friday nights starting at 11 p.m. it is ladies night and drinks are only $3. For the ladies only, of course. If $3 is pushing the bank for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of guys there who are willing to pay full price for your drink. Who can say no to a free drink? Did I mention that all the guys here are super laid back and not assholes? I’ve  even offered to buy guys my drink and their drink  to get the discounted price and every time they decline. Even the D list actors who frequent this spot are nice!

The only downfall of this place are the few regulars that are there every single weekend by themselves who hit on you and then forget they hit on you and then do it again the next weekend. They are harmless, but if that ends up being a deal breaker for you, head next door to Upright Citizens Brigade and catch a comedy show.  Or check out the other bars on the block which I’ve actually never done because I always end up staying at Birds until closing anyway.

Birds Cafe-Bar

5925 Franklin Ave.

Hollywood, CA 90028



Lipstick challenge inspired by A Cup of Joe

Lipstick is a staple for my roommate and after living with her for almost two years, I’ve ventured out into the world of lip color. A little. I have about 3 shades of red that I occasionally wear when I go out, but nothing crazy. She has reds, browns, mauves, plums and other weird colors I didn’t even know could look good on someones face. I’ve wanted to be a constant wearer of lipstick for a while now, but I’ve always had some concerns. Well, one mainly. Guys. I know this sounds silly, but if you are on a date with a guy or if you have a boyfriend, what are you supposed to do? Not kiss them? Act like you don’t notice the lipstick smeared on their face when you do kiss them?  I’ve recently been inspired by this Lipstick challenge for the month of May that I found over at A Cup of Joe. Instead of a new lipstick a day, I will wear one a week. It’s more in my budget. The poverty budget.


Last night I wore “Vermillion”  lipstick from Anthropologie. It’s been scorching hot in L.A these past few days so I had to put it in the fridge for a bit to cool off. I’m not a makeup pro so I hope I didn’t make some big lipstick no no by doing that.

I have to admit, I had originally planned to write this post about how I was able to rock red lipstick on a night out without having to worry about whether or not some dude would end up kissing me and getting lipstick all over his face since I am on my 6 month hiatus, which isn’t going too well after this weekend…

Without getting into too many incriminating details, I definitely kissed a boy (harmless I swear) and the lipstick  stayed on! I don’t plan on kissing a lot of boys in the near future, but if you do, and you want to wear red lipstick, try Vermillion out!


The Awesomeness that is Ed Sheeran


Can we please talk about the awesomeness that is Ed Sheeran? I have been listening to him all day.  I’m not exaggerating. What this means is that I’ve learned  a few things that about him that I really like. He wants to be drunk when he wakes up, he doesn’t mind lego houses and if you love him, he wants you to get involved. My kind of guy. Seriously though, he is so awesome and I think he is the only singer that could sing some of the most ridiculous/ cheesiest lyrics and still make me want to date him and I DON’T EVEN LIKE RED HEADS.

Not that any of his songs are written for me, (even though I like to pretend they are) but if an admirer or even a boyfriend wrote me a song and included the lyrics “settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in” I would laugh. Maybe not in his face, but definitely in my head.  What does cuddle me in even mean? Who cares! When Ed Sheeran sings those lyrics  in his song ” Kiss Me”, I melt. In fact the whole flipping song makes me melt.

Contrary to the girlishness of the past guys I have dated, I really do like manly men, but I also like a guy who can actually get in tune with his emotional side. Ed Sheeran is the perfect guy. He looks like he is a normal dude who plays video games all day and just sits around doing guy things, but really he is making great music that people can really connect to. He isn’t super gorgeous and he doesn’t wear fancy clothes, but that totally adds to his appeal. He is real. He isn’t some manufactured super star. He’s just a real guy with real feelings and an awesome talent to express those feelings.

Have you listened to “Kiss Me”? If not, you need to go do it right now. You will want to make out with him, but you won’t be able to so feel free to be depressed about it with me and listen to the song over and over again while you make out with your hand.

By  the way, his new album is coming out and I can’t contain myself!!!



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Time for a break.




I’ve often blamed Los Angeles for my failed relationships. The excuses that I have made are that guys in L.A. are superficial, they only care about money, they are out for themselves, they are focused on their career, they live in their own little bubble and they are just plain emotionally unavailable. Yes, these are all excuses.

Recently I have come to realize that L.A. isn’t responsible for my failed relationships. Shocker! How could an entire city be responsible for some guy not calling me back after the seventh date? How could an entire city be responsible for someone simply not wanting a relationship at that point in their life? The men (or boys) I date are not responsible for the failed relationship either, but I alone am responsible for my failed relationships. I choose who I date and I choose who I let into my heart and I choose who I let govern my feelings and so do you.

You see, when we first start dating someone, if you are like me that is- there are signs that that person is not right for us, but we ignore those signs without even realizing it. In my case, I get so excited thinking about all of the possibilities of where our relationship could go, all the while, huge negative warning signs fly right past me- He mentions he doesn’t ever want kids? Oh well, he could change his mind. He talks about how his main focus in his life right now is work? Wow what a great guy, he is so disciplined and we will have a lot of money when we get married. He casually lets it slip he isn’t looking for anything serious? Well he must like me enough to keep me around so he probably will want something eventually. NO. NO. NO and NO.

Surprise! These relationships tend to not work out or ever be taken to the next level (trust me).  When a relationship ends or a guy we are dating pulls the disappearing act, society (and our friends) tell us it is them, not us. We don’t need to change, the guy does because he obviously is emotionally unavailable and does not know what he wants and needs to get his shit together. We are told that the right guy will come along eventually, but that we have to kiss a bunch of frogs to get to that point. I don’t know about you, but I give guys chances and when things don’t work out, I think to myself  ’What an asshole. He doesn’t know what he is missing out on. I am such a great catch. All men in L.A. are jerks!’ For the longest time, I never once thought anything was wrong with me. I immediately would pin the blame on the guy and the fact that he lives in L.A. and would move on to the next one a week later and the cycle would continue and I would be proven once again that men in L.A. are incapable of committing to anyone but themselves.

I now know that if I was living in New York, I would probably claim that all men in New York are jerks. If I lived in Chicago, I would probably claim that all men in Chicago are jerks. There comes a point in your life where you notice a negative pattern and the only constant is you.

The truth is, that a lot of guys I have dated have actually had their shit together. They knew exactly what they wanted (minus a handful). After dating for a while, they knew I was not the one for them and unlike me, they payed attention to the warning signs. When I told them that in the future, I want kids and they don’t, they made a note of that. When they told me they weren’t looking for something serious and I said I am open to something serious, they took a note. They looked at the warning signs that maybe we weren’t a right fit for each other and they ended things. How men end things is a whole different blog post, but the point is, they took some sort of initiative based on what they wanted and didn’t want rather than just trying to make it work because they kind of liked me.

So now that I’ve figured out what my problem is, all I need to do is be aware of these warning signs while dating. Simple enough right? NOT. Habits are extremely hard to break and they can’t be changed in one day. I have about 10 years of bad dating habits to change and I am freaking out. Due to this, I’ve decided to go on a 6 month hiatus from boys, dating, texting, flirting (flirting on Facebook doesn’t count right?) or any sort of non-friend male attention (besides Facebook). I’ve been doing this for about a month now, and I have to say it is so refreshing. Since I have no boys around to worry about, my mind is clear and I can really focus on why it is that I always need a guy around. I can also focus on what exactly it is that I want in a guy and what I am not willing to settle for. Most of all, i’m finding that it is ok to be alone. The lack of anxiety I feel in my life is amazing.

Now if only September 19th would hurry up and get here. ;)

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Easter Lilies

I am a couple of days late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! My weekend was jam packed. I flew up north to see my family for the holidays, but mostly to see my grandpa who is currently in the hospital (he is ok!). This year, Easter was a tad bit different than usual, but I actually enjoyed it minus the hospital visits that stressed me out. It was actually one of my favorite Easters. Not that I rank all of my Easter holidays, but it was just really nice regardless of the circumstances. Me, my mom, my grandma and my cousin all went out to brunch at the Cheesecake Factory where the waiter was a total cutie. I think my grandma had a crush! After brunch, we headed back to my grandmas house and -this is going to get depressing- we went into her garden and picked Lilies to put on her mom and dads graves. I won’t totally freak you out with pictures from the cemetery, but I was able to snap some shots of my grandma and cousin arranging the Lily bouquets beforehand.

It was a great girls only Easter!


A star is born somewhere.

Yesterday I gave my first singing lesson. A friend of mine brought her daughter over and in my living room I set up a keyboard and some chairs and we got right to it. It was a little nerve wracking having never taken singing lessons myself and not being quite sure how to even teach someone how to sing, but it went well and was very rewarding.

I went into the lesson with my work cut out for me. For some reason, I thought that I could just play a note on the piano and she would match it, then we would test her range and then move on to breathing techniques and holding notes, but after we did some warm ups, I tested her range by doing scales. She could hit some high notes, but they weren’t the notes I was playing on the piano. I immediately thought, “Ok this is going to be rough” and admittedly, it was. I panicked a little because my whole lesson plan was thrown off and I didn’t know what to do.

I thought back to when I was little and I would teach myself how to sing in my bedroom with a brush as a microphone while listening to The Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Faith Hill to name a few. I would pretend that I was the singer and I would imitate them. I don’t think I even realized it then, but I was teaching myself how to sing by imitation.

Instead of trying to have her hit notes that I played on the piano, I tried something a little more unorthodox. I asked her what her favorite song was so we could sing a long and imitate the singer. She responded with “Wrecking Ball”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Miley. I might have even been to one of her concerts, but teaching a nine year old girl to sing that song is impossible. I tried to get her to pick a different song, but she insisted.

I started the song and as she sang a long I instructed her to sit up straight, breath in deep, open her mouth wide and to full on pretend that she was Miley Cyrus. Although it wasn’t a grammy winning performance (the kid is 9!) she did a great job. She really got into it and was able to hit some of the notes. The more I smiled and nodded in approval, the better she did.

After a while, we went back to the piano and as she used the techniques I was teaching her, she sounded better and better. With every new note she hit, I could see the excitement in her face and she could see it in mine. All it took was someone to believe in her and show confidence in the fact that she has the ability to be a singer.

I’ve always thought that if you can’t sing on your own without lessons, then you just plain can’t sing, but seeing her progress in one lesson taught me that that is completely not true. It also taught me that sometimes talent can hide and all it takes is someone to bring it out from its hiding spot.

Check out these pop stars as kids who probably wouldn’t be anywhere without their childhood singing teachers.

Britney Spears// Her voice may have gone down the drain as she got older, but have you ever heard her sing as a child? She was amazing!

Image via

Christina Aguilera// To be honest, i’m not even sure if she had a vocal coach or not, but in my opinion, Christina Aguilera has one of the best voices of all time.

Image via:

Beyonce// Little Bey took Opera/Classical voice lessons when she was a child. Oh how far she has come…

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floral friday.

Growing up I was a huge tomboy. When my family went camping, me and my Dad would sleep in the tent and my mom and sister would sleep in the car. When my sister took singing lessons, I was at softball practice. I liked getting dirty and rough housing with the boys at school. When middle school rolled around, I remembered staring at the popular girls with their perfect hair and makeup and their Tommy Hilfiger overalls wishing I knew how to look like them. I specifically remember a conversation between two of the most popular girls in the school who sat next to me in Language Arts. One girl was telling the other how to get the perfect curl in her hair. We were 12. Twelve. I went home and tried to curl my hair that night and needless to say, I failed miserably. I learned to curl my hair when I was 25. I’m still 25. I’ve never mastered being girly and it has always been something that has been hard for me to accomplish and accept.

I think that it is so important for girls to get in touch with their girly side and for men to get in touch with their manly side. It gives us a sense of belonging and confidence in ourselves and our gender.  As I got older and watched my sister with her perfect body wearing cute clothes and my friends with great hair holding curls for hours and my roommate with great makeup skills, I started to feel like I needed to find the inner girl inside me.  I tried to get into makeup-too expensive, clothes- too expensive and kind of  depressing not fitting into certain clothes you try on and even Jewelry- it always breaks. I wanted to feel girly and I was failing miserably at it. I was trying so hard to be interested in things I just wasn’t interested in.


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One day I was on pinterest and I saw the picture below and I thought it was the most beautiful thing. So many colors and so artistic. Since then I have been hooked. I know floral isn’t a quality that someone can have, but it is at least a super girly interest. I’m currently obsessed with anything floral. Clothes, bed sheets, sunglasses, phone cases – you name it. If it has a floral pattern on it, I want it. I need it. I’ve dedicated a Pinterest board to it.

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I’ve found my inner girliness and what better way than through flowers?

Infact, I even just bought these Mac Book Key Board Stickers for $16 on Etsy from Kidecals  today which I’m super excited for!

My next purchase might be this watch from the Freeforme shop on Etsy. It’s only $10!

Time to go spend the rest of my Friday at work pinning to my floral board! :)


fantasy and reality.

It’s a bad habit of mine to check my facebook as the first thing I do when I wake up. Usually there is nothing much going on. Just some status updates from the night before that I’ve already read, but this morning a friend of mine posted a great video from upworthy about the difference of the fantasy of love and the reality of love. I definetely needed that this morning.

Check it out here!


and they’re off!

I know its Thursday so posting about the previous weekend is pretty pointless, but I don’t really care. My mom came into town and we spent all Saturday at the Santa Anita Race Track, which by the way is gorgeous! If you have never been and you are the type of person who likes to try new things and go on adventures, you should definitely check it out. I would even recommend this as a possible date, but totally like a 7th date.

Anyway, my mom has always been into random hobbies and her latest hobby is betting on horses. There was a huge race this last weekend and she was dying to go  to so I said what the heck and I joined her. I was hoping we would leave with me having a step-dad, but that didn’t happen. At 8 a.m. we got to the race track and had breakfast while watching the horses warm up. I can’t say that I am a racing fan now, but it was definitely a fun experience. The big winner of the day was Game On Dude. I was pretty bummed since I wanted the horse with the cool shapes shaved into it’s back hair to win, but the crowd seemed pretty happy with the winner.

In relationship news, the guy  that I have been going on dates with and dropped off the face of the earth asked me to come over and watch a movie with him on Sunday. I said yes and after sitting through The Hunger Games for the 700th time, we got to talking. Apparently he wants to “focus on himself”. He then walked me to my car, kissed me and said “Talk to you later this week?”  Um ok no bye. Too bad for him. We could have had a wonderful time laughing and drinking at the Santa Anita Race Track.





why haven’t you called?!

Ok, so remember this post? The post about how I wasn’t dating anyone? Well I spoke too soon and I met someone. Except i’m now in a situation that reminds me of why I am way happier not dating anyone. You would think after 7 or so dates, you and that person communicate on a regular basis right? Nope. Not in this case. He goes missing for days at a time and it really freaking bugs me, but I don’t want to be that annoying girl who is like “WHY HAVEN’T YOU CALLED?!” And for those of you who are thinking ‘the phone works both ways’…. no it doesn’t. I’m so sick of being the one to always call the guy and ask the guy to hang out. It’s time for someone to chase me. With each day that goes by that I don’t hear from him, I get a little more over it. I also get a little more pudgier because I eat my feelings. And just like that  I’ve turned this post into me whining about some guy who doesn’t want me to all this good food that I really want to make this weekend for myself while I sit in bed and watch Netflix.

Pepper Jack Bites via A Beautiful Mess

Baked Eggs with Goat Cheese via Shoot to Cook

Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles (omg!) via Joy the Baker

VLOG: first edition

Oh my goodness I am so excited for my first episode of ‘My Life in Bed’. I’m venturing into the world of vlogging with the help of my roomate and bestie, Sarah. She’s only 22 and I am 25, but between the two of us, we have a lifetime of hilarious stories and some great relationship advice on just about any topic that relates to dating that you can think of. Trust me. Living in Los Angeles while in your 20′s  is fun, but rough. Add dating into the mix and it is even more fun and even more rough. This week is just me, but Sarah will be joining me next week, so be sure to check it out! :)






I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but I’ve been debating if I should since I was thinking it might be an invasion of privacy for these guys, but then I realized nothing is private once you put it out on the internet or on an app so here we go.

I’ve been on Tinder for a while now and I’ve actually met a really cool guy who I have been hanging out with, so that proves that not all guys on dating sites are total weirdos, but one thing I like to do when I come across someones picture that makes me think “wtf”, I screen shot it. I thought I would share the best of my Tinder screen shots here.

1. Tyler.

Here we have Tyler who is 28. There are so many things I am getting from this picture. Tyler really loves traveling. He is a lamb whisperer. He is really good at photoshop. I mean, look at those mountains he put in the background! Tyler also seems to have no respect for the fact that this little girl just wants her pet back. Swipe left.

2. Byron

Ok Byron. A few things. Do you have a face? Is this your child? Are you a computer game nerd? Why is this your profile picture? Swipe left.

3. Stephen

Jerk…swipe left.

4. Max

After stairing at this picture for a long time, I decided this is the type of humor I can appreciate. Swipe right.


Ok Randy. I really hope you show up on our date with a rifle to calm my nerves about the fact that i’m going on a date with someone i’ve never met before. Swipe left. btw which one are you?

6. Evan

Are you going to stare at my ass like that on our date too? Swipe left.

By the way, I matched with all these guys.




wine tasting.

For the amount of times I have been wine tasting, I sure don’t know much about wine. I usually just pick the bottle that has the cutest label on it. Yes, i’m that person. I’m also that person that has a box of wine that has been sitting in her kitchen since Christmas. Anywho, I swear all this wine talk has a point. I went wine tasting with some of my very good friends in Central California recently. We rented a party bus and with the help of the $10 I pay every month for Spotify (a necessity), we had unlimited amounts of 90′s music to drink to as we drove around from winery to winery. I was a little nervous to get on the bus though since I ended up with a concussion from thelast time I was on one, but all ended well! Unless you are my friend Megan in which case, all ended passed out on the way back home.





happiness in 2014

2014 has been a really good year so far. 2009 was possibly the worst year of my life and the years since have been mediocre.

Good going 2014! I suppose I have to give myself some credit though. I’ve actively been trying to pursue a life filled with happiness. I’ve figured out 3 things that work for me:

1. I’m currently not dating anyone. Nope. No one.

A coworker of mine asked me the other day who I am seeing since we like to gossip about our love lives and when I said, ‘no one,’  she kind of stared at me like I was crazy. Rightfully so! I am always dating someone and I just can’t do it anymore. Dating someone takes so much out of you. Most people who don’t want to date use the excuse that they just don’t have ‘time.’ Oh I have time. If I care about someone, I will make time. What I don’t have right now is the emotional capacity to date someone and you know what? I don’t think that is a bad thing at all. I’m giving myself a break from constantly worrying if he is going to call or if he is going to like my Facebook status. It’s just not healthy.

2. Getting involved

I have been getting involved in a lot of communities in the Los Angeles area. I’ve been in an A Capella group for over two years now, but this season I decided to get more involved and be on the executive board.  I’m also handling the twitter page and it is so much fun!Not only am I getting more involved with Top Shelf, I joined a community called Mosaic. They are a group focused on faith, hope and love. I’m meeting new people and I’m loving it!

3. Crafting

So…I wasn’t born with the crafting skill, but I’ve been finding cool projects and trying them out like arm kitting a scarf and painting ceramic cups. Baby steps.

And those are the three things I’m doing in this new year to find happiness and these are some of the things and people I’ve been filling this new year with. :) 8f168aa879be11e3b2540eed5f71112a_8ad35092a772e11e3b66a128b5b5a1c60_8



not so happy new year

I really really really hope that New Years Eve was not a precursor to how the rest of my year is going to go. If so, I will be getting really drunk and making horrible decisions. I was so excited for New Years because I knew I would be taking a bunch of pictures and blogging about my awesome night. WRONG.

The night started off great. Around 4 p.m. I sat at my desk at work and thought to myself … ‘screw it i’m going home’ and left early to hit up Ralphs for some dinner supplies. Me and Sarah had some friends come over to our apartment before we all decided to walk down the street to Barney’s Beanery . Barney’s is one of mine and Sarah’s favorite hangouts and it was just about the only free place to get into on New Years.

I worked really hard on preparing dinner and I was really proud of my work! I made pasta, bruschetta, roasted carrots and brussel sprouts. I also made a salad, but I forgot the croutons so it doesn’t count.


















And then we started drinking. And then I would like to forget the rest of the night. We got to Barneys and although it was pretty dead, there was a pretty good group of us there so it didn’t really matter. Unfortunately in that group, there was a boy, who I like and I shouldn’t and I need to get out of that relationship, but its very hard. Alcohol, new years and boys who don’t want to be with you are not a good mix for a good New Years Eve. Without spilling the details of the whole night, I let my anger and confusion and hurt for this boy get in the way of a friendship which is never cool. I’m now spending the beginning of my 2014 trying to repair a friendship. Not what I had in mind for 2014.  At least I started the night out not being a total asshole.


































I guess the whole night wasn’t a bust though. Thanks to me and my drunken confidence, Sarah got a kiss from our super hot waiter. Oh, and his number! ;)




friends christmas

I know Christmas is over, but I have one more post! Last night some friends and I celebrated Friends Christmas. I think Friends Christmas is way better than real Christmas with your family because you always get presents that you actually like instead of random presents your extended family members get you since, in my case, they really don’t know me as well as my friends do. Who cares about presents though, right? I mean… I care a little bit, but the best part of Christmas and especially Friends Christmas for me was…

the food…the laughs…the failed crafting…the successful crafting…and most importantly, the fuzzy socks.











































you are where you are supposed to be.

Tuesday was the most wonderful day this week.

My best friend Jerrica, who I met in 9th grade spanish class, came down to Los Angeles for the day, she lives in San Luis Obispo which isn’t too far from here, but she is in a really intense architecture program at Cal Poly so she doesn’t have a lot of free time. Well it just so happened that on Tuesday she had to come down to look at a site for a project she is working on. It also just so happened that I didn’t need to go into work until 12:30. I love having a big girl job! We spent the morning walking around Downtown Los Angeles looking at all the old architecture, which is totally her thing…










…and eating yummy chocolate filled beignets and banana nut muffins at Bottega Louie, which is totally my thing.










When we were 18, we sat in Jerrica’s parents house  in our  little hometown talking about how someday we would move to Los Angeles. We planned to live together and then when we found successful jobs and successful boyfriends, we would move in with them, be engaged by 25, married by 28, kids by 30. Well, we did move to Los Angeles and we did live together, which lets be honest, was awful. Although she ended up moving out with her boyfriend, I moved into a small apartment in West Hollywood with my friend Sarah’s sister. I’ve hit 25 and I do have a job, but not a career and i’m definitely not engaged. I can’t speak for what will happen when I am 28 or even 30, but I kind of hope this whole trend of things I plan for my life not happening, actually continues. I can’t imagine where we would be if our living situation was successful. Would Jerrica have moved up to San Luis Obispo to go to Cal Poly  and study architecture or would she have stayed in Los Angeles because she had an awesome roommate and an awesome living situation and a stable, yet unfulfilling job? Would she have met any of her new friends? Or even her latest boyfriend? Would I have spent all my time with a boyfriend and not have joined an acapella group and met some of the most amazing people and sung at the most amazing places? Would me and Jerrica have spent the morning exploring Downtown Los Angeles together? Would I be sitting in my comfy bed writing this blog? Probably not. So if I am 28 and not engaged, who cares. I’m where I am supposed to be (unless i’m 30 and still not engaged).





































Winter has never been so hot…

Winter is here! I always get excited around this time of year because I get to bundle up in super warm clothes that don’t show my arms, but then I go outside and have to take most of the layers off because I live in California and it really isn’t that cold. Merry Christmas to me. I recently went home for the Thanksgiving holidays and me and my sister decided to go play in the oak tree in our backyard like we use to when we were little. I decided why not make a photo shoot out of it? I’m from Northern California where it is a tad bit colder than Los Angeles and since I was excited that it would be cold outside and we could take super cute pictures in winter clothes, I put on boots, a black turtle neck, my GAP jeans (since those are the only kind that fit me right), my favorite scarf and my new jacket from the most wonderful place in the whole world, Target. I walked outside and immediately started burning up. I ended up going through about 2 wardrobe changes while complaining about the heat. I guess I got what I asked for though, shortly after I came back to Los Angeles, the temperature dropped and its been freezing…and guess who didn’t bring home her turtleneck?

And some color to send you off…



middle school crush.

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here and for a short time I get to drive up to Northern California and sleep in my old room. I get to play with my poodle and I get to reminisce with all my old friends about how easy life use to be.  My biggest problem in middle school was that the boy I was obsessed with didn’t like me. Now that I think about it, thats still a problem even at 25. Anywho, he didn’t just not like me, he hated me. I know it’s true because 6th grade me wrote down word for word the message that was relayed to me by one of his friends telling me exactly how much he hated me. After that entry, it only got worse. We had a Valentines Day dance and I bought a red dress with hearts all over it. I gave him my best 6th grade flirty eyes the whole night and he never once asked me to dance. I went and cried in the bathroom. I wouldn’t give up though. Every entry was closed out with a profession of my love for him and Justin Timberlake. I cried the day I found out he was moving to Fresno. All my advances had gone to waste. Until now.

A friend of mine text me the other day and told me she had found his instagram. I immediately searched for him and looked through every single one of his pictures. He definetely peaked in middle school, but I thought ‘whatever, i’ll follow him’. The next day I got a notification that he had commented on one of my pictures. At that moment in time,  6th grade Lindsay felt validated and all was well.




“let’s get drinks”.

If I had a penny for every time a guy asked me to get drinks with him for a first date, well…you know the saying.

I was recently asked to go get drinks with a guy I met on Tinder. I was sick in bed last weekend and it was entertaining.

When I first moved to Los Angeles and started dating, I would get so excited to go get drinks with a guy at the local bar. I soon learned that drinks are not always the best option for a first date. Maybe this is just me, but I end up drinking too much and look like a lush. Not to mention I do and say things that sober me probably wouldn’t. I think it’s time I put an end to this “let’s get drinks” thing. Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in America and the only thing you can take me out to do on a first date is drink? No thanks. Ok maybe. Seriously though, I would be very impressed if a guy took me out to any of these places…

1. BOA Steakhouse.

*Photo by

I’m not a fancy shmancy kind of person so I really don’t need to be taken out to dinner at an expensive restaurant, but if you know me, you know I love steak. The way to my heart is through steak. Lots of it.

2.  The Grammy Museum

*Photo by latimesblog

I love music and I love me a good museum so this is place is perfect! It’s downtown and by plenty of restaurants to go eat at as well. Besides, if I have to go on one more date to LACMA, I am going to scream.

3. LA Downtown on Ice

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I don’t care if this is corny. I like ice skating and I want someone to take me on a date to do this.

All i’m saying is I just want a fun creative date where I don’t end up being slutty.

That’s all.



pumpkin patchin

Halloween is almost here! I was never allowed to celebrate this holiday when I was little due to my parents being super Christian, but the one thing I was allowed to do was carve and paint pumpkins. I wasn’t allowed to put a candle in them though because the neighborhood children would come to our door and ask for candy. What an awful thing. I don’t get excited about dressing up on the 31st, but as you can tell from the pictures below. I love me some pumpkin patchin and paintin!


most romantic holiday.










Forget Christmas or New Years or even that silly Valentines Day that Hallmark apparently created to make money. I’m going out on a limb here and saying that Halloween is the most romantic holiday. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you.

When I was in 5th grade, I had the biggest crush on a boy named…let’s call him Erick. According to Facebook, he’s a bad boy now. He was also a bad boy back then, but he hadn’t been to jail at that point in life so girls still wanted him. My best friend Alexis and I both had a crush on him and each week he would flirt with one of us then switch his attention to the next one the following week, but we were too young and in love to notice he was playing both of us. The week of Halloween, he was showing me alot of attention-more than usual. I thought for sure he would be my boyfriend by the weekend.

I thought wrong. Our teacher brought in a giant pumpkin that was so big that about 6 or 7 of us could fit our hands in to scoop out the seeds. Well Erick found my hand in the sea of goo mixed with 5th grade kid germs and held it for five seconds. At that moment I knew he had made me his girlfriend. My dreams had come true. I wasn’t the only girl with her hand in the pumpkin though. Alexis’ was as well.

When the bell rang, me and Alexis ran to the bathroom to wash up and before I could even tell her about my new boyfriend she started bragging about how Erick held her hand in the pumpkin. I was devastated. He was the first and last boy I ever carved a pumpkin with and still to this day, my ultimate dream is to go with a cute boy to a pumpkin patch, go home, carve our perfect pumpkins together, then bake the seeds and eat them while we drink wine and watch Halloween Town.

And that my friends, is why Halloween is the most romantic holiday (in my eyes). I’ve kissed a boy every 12 a.m. January 1st as far back as I can remember and I have received plush toy poodles stuffed with butterfingers for Valentines Day, but give me something I haven’t had. A good pumpkin carving session with a cute boy who’s only grabbing my hand inside the pumpkin, and I will be one happy girl.